• Teacher of the Year

    It is time again to honor the teachers at the Catoctin High School and the feeder schools (Thurmont Primary, Thurmont Elementary, Thurmont Middle, Lewistown ES, Emmitsburg ES, Sabillasville ES and Mother Seton School).  This is a program the Thurmont Lions Club has been doing for numerous years.             

    I know some of the principals are new at their schools this year.  This will be an introduction in helping you to understand the value the Thurmont Lions Club (TLC) places on honoring the teachers. While all teachers impact the lives of the children they touch, the TLC will be honoring teachers who impact lives in a particularly significant manner. 

    Below is the nomination form outlining the guidelines to be used to nominate teachers to be honored for the 2020 Teacher of the Year award. 

    Nomination Forms can be turned in to the school where the teacher works or it can be submitted electronically to our email address thurmontlionsclub@gmail.com

    A reception will be held in May to recognize all of the nominees.

    Thank you for your support in helping the Thurmont Lions Club in recognizing the leadership and guidance that our teachers provide on a daily basis

  • Thurmont Lions Club

    2020 Teacher of the Year Nomination Form 


    Eligibility: Open to Pre-K through Grade 12 full-time teachers for schools in the Catoctin feeder school system: Catoctin High School, Thurmont Primary School, Thurmont Elementary School, Thurmont Middle School, Lewistown Elementary School, Emmitsburg Elementary School, Sabillasville Elementary School and Mother Seton School. Anyone can nominate a teacher – parents, students, fellow teachers and administrators. 

    Due Date: All nomination forms are due to Lion Gayle DiSalvo no later than Tuesday, March 31, 2020. They can be emailed to rogadodi@aol.com or mailed to Lion Gayle DiSalvo, 142 E. Hammaker Street, Thurmont, MD 21788. Please include “2020 Teacher of the Year” on the subject line if emailing. 

    Judging & Selection: All nominees, nominators, principals, fellow teachers, parents and students are encouraged to attend a reception at Thurmont Regional Library on May 5, 2020 at 6:00 pm. A finalist from each of the eight schools will be announced. The final “2020 Teacher of the Year” will be selected from the eight finalists by a committee of community leaders and will be announced at the Thurmont Lions Club’s Education Night on May 13, 2020. 

    Questions: Contact Lion Gayle DiSalvo at 301-271-5355 or rogadodi@aol.com.



    Name of Nominee:


    In 50-300 words, please describe the qualities and accomplishments of the teacher that makes him/her your choice for the 2020 Teacher of the Year. Describe the impact the teacher has had on the student, the school and the school community. Please give examples to show why he/she should be our 2020 Teacher of the year. (Attach additional sheets, if needed)







    Your Name:

    Relationship to the teacher (parent, student, fellow teacher, administrator, etc.) 

    Your telephone number:
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    (All of the above information is mandatory)