9/11 Memorial a new event in September 2020.  A Community event to mark the anniversary of a day that forever changed our country and to show that we will not forget those who perished on 9/11/2001. 

Candidates Forum – present an opportunity for the residents of Thurmont to hear and see the candidates for political races in our area.  The Thurmont Lions Club will not take a position on the candidates, only present candidates so that citizens can make an informed decision. 

Community Tree – Christmas is a perfect time to celebrate the community of Thurmont and as such we will present a decorated tree celebrating Thurmont, its citizens (past and present) and the organizations that make it the wonderful community that it is. 

Easter Egg Hunt – A decades old tradition, a Community Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday in the Community Park.  From ages 0-12, you do not want to be late.  At the sound of the whistle, it only takes minutes to find 1,000 or more eggs. 

 Education Night  - On a May evening we celebrate the students, teachers and schools in our area.  We recognize a teacher from each school who is making a difference in student lives (nominations are done by the public) and we choose a Thurmont Lions Club Teacher of the Year from those named.  We recognize a graduating senior from Catoctin High School who has the most volunteer hours (Lion Award recipient) and the eighth grade student from Thurmont Middle School with the most volunteer hours (Junior Lion Award).  We also present funds to each principal to help fund an activity at his/her school, which would go unfunded otherwise.

 American Heritage Essay Contest – We invite students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels as well as adults to compose an essay on a chosen topic celebrating the heritage of our country.

 Eye/Ear Exams – We provide limited funding for eye exams, glasses and for hearing exams.  This is need-based.  An application is required to start the process. 

 Eyeglass/Hearing Aid Collection – We are all fortunate to be able to receive glasses and hearing aids, but there are areas of the world that do not regularly have that ability.  By collecting glasses and hearing aids that you are no longer using, we can provide them to areas less fortunate.

 Financial Assistance – Sometimes our neighbors fall on hard times, whether it be due to a health emergency, a job issue, or other. We are here to help. Those seeking assistance need to complete a financial application.

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